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We publish kids! We create a platform for students who desire to contribute to a book collection through writing, photography, and illustration through our program.


Our program can begin with a minimum of 6 weeks and lead up to 32 weeks, comes with a curriculum, a writing kit, and one published book at the end of the program.


We have a fun and interactive approach to writing that will keep students engaged and excited to be part of an accomplishment such as a  book.

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Our Story

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New Literacy And Publishing Program For Students 5-18 Years Old Called Generation Write Now Has Now Been Launched


Summary: One of the most important literacy programs has been launched by two authors behind Generation Write Now. They want to turn children into authors and improve literacy in the USA and around the world.



Two authors Ashley Graham and Tony Logan, behind the company Generation Write Now have launched an important literacy program aimed at students 5-18. They are wanting to improve literacy with young people around the world and turn children into authors.


The New Literacy And Publishing Program For Students 5-18 Years Old allows children to improve their reading and writing skills, and gives them a voice to turn their story into a published piece of literacy art. J.K Rowling once said that every person has at least one story to tell, but not everyone has the opportunity to share that story. Generation Write Now are giving every child and young adult the opportunity to write their story and publish it.


The program is aimed at schools, programs, organizations, and groups. It aims to help children and young adults understand the fundamentals of writing publishing through interactive lessons, creative writing prompts, and quizzes to help enhance their publishing knowledge through a kit that is supplied. Generation Now provides a kit where each student can publish their story and receive a physical copy of their book. 


“Our goal is to use this program to create books to not only teach students the power of writing but to let them know their stories matter! Every generation needs a voice and we are here to make sure every voice is heard,” said Ashley Graham.


  Each kit comes with:


    A Key to the Instructional Online Curriculum Course

    Writing Prompt Cards (Broken out by grade levels and color-coded)

    Lesson Plans

    Illustration Templates

    Writing Prompt Sheets

    Quizzes (They are fun, we promise)

    Writing Lab Activities

    Interaction Cards w/ Blind Folds

    Certificate of Completion 

    Complimentary Published Book



Literacy around the world needs to be improved explained Tony Logan. In the USA one in four children struggle to read, and in the UK one in five people cannot read properly. It’s not just children who struggle to read. In America 32 million adults cannot read, which Ashley Graham has said is not only shocking but so sad that these people went through their childhood struggling on a daily basis and missing out on the love and the power of reading. In the UK that figure stands at eight million. The new literacy and publishing program aim to change that figure and tackle the growing problem.


“Everybody has a story, but unfortunately, everybody isn’t able to share it. Many stories go unheard or unnoticed because of the lack of platforms and resources to capture the story. Especially people of color; however, that narrative is changing thanks To our program”, explained Tony


Since the program was launched, it has gained positive reviews from those that have purchased the kit.

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Generation Write Now publish kids. They create a platform for students who desire to contribute to a book collection through writing, photography, and illustration through their program.


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