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Generation Write Now

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We would love to demo our program with your school or organization. Feel free to reach out to us for a demo or more information.

Tel: 888-774-9917


Thanks for submitting!


How does this work?

It's simple, we promise! Once you complete this registration and purchase your publishing kit, you will receive an email from one of our team members.


We will send you a tracking code for your publishing kit, so you can look out for your package. 

When you receive your kit, it has an assigned Publishing Kit# for you. You would use this kit number to activate your course code, use in your email correspondence, and this kit # would be used when submitting your book to us to print and publish! We will also send you an invite to help you "unpack" your kit and understand how to use what's inside, what to expect, and to answer any questions that you may have about submitting your book to us. 

Excited yet?

We are! 


What comes inside the GWN Book-kit?

Each kit will include

  • Login code card that will give you access to our online program. Once your online our program includes activities and quizzes for participants to take.

  • Writing Prompts Cards for participants 

  • Blind Fold Mask for inactive activity 

  • Blank GWN Certificates for participants 


What happens when participants/students are done with their stories?

The Teacher/Facilitator will have the participants type and save their story in a Microsoft Word document and submit all the stories over to us (at the email that we provide inside the kit). Once it's submitted the GWN team will work on getting your book formatted and ready for print. And we will also send over Book Cover options for you the group to choose from for their book.


When will my book arrive?

Formatting and finalizing a book takes 3 weeks. Once everything is completed we will send you a digital version to review. Once approved we will submit your book to print and mail over your classroom anthology book. 


Will every student receive a book?

This will determine what book-kit you purchase. We have different kits depending on the number of students and participants. Each book-kit will produce the number of books for that particular book-kit. If find that you need or want to order more you can! We will provide a link to where you can purchase more. 


How do I order more books?

Once your book is approved, we will provide a link to where you can purchase and order more books. There is no maximum amount you have to order. 


What can we use these books for? 

Programs and schools can use these anthology books for fundraisers to help raise money for your school and program through a book launch. The money that's raised from book sales can be poured back into the school and program. 

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